The Essence of Steve Saporito Education: The Client Experience

As photographers, what we offer is so much more than providing amazing photographs. The value of what we do as photographers is based in the photographic experience that we provide our clients. A full and enriching client experience that becomes a journey of self discovery for our clients. A heightened awareness of what they actually love about the relationships that mean the most to them.

Likewise, the true value of what we provide through that discovery is a way for our clients to access that previously undiscovered part of themselves, each and every day, through the wall art that they choose to display in their homes. Wall art that represents our clients and, at the same time, connects them with the most important parts of themselves. Not only the people and things they want to celebrate … But also those people and things that they love the most.

Moreover, when the photographs connect with our clients, they will value them so much more. And that, in turn, is the basis of what makes for an unparalleled client experience. But don’t take our word for it! Read on to find out what actual clients have to say about their experiences working with photographers who have embraced the tenets that we teach at Steve Saporito Education.

The Client Experience at Moirae Creatives

Join me as I interview clients from a photography studio that I work with in Reno, NV, USA, Moirae Creatives, which is owned and operated by Jasen and Christy Arias:

The Client Experience at King & Fields Studios

In this interview, I speak with a client who had a phenomenal experience at another studio that I work with, King & Fields Studios (Charleston, SC, USA), which is owned and operated by Raheel Gauba and Ben & Erin Chrisman:

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My passion for business introduced me to photography on the day I purchased a photography franchise store. The business grew to be so successful that we had to open two other studios to handle the overflow. They were made around $100,000 a month at each store at that time, and I didn’t fully realize that the studios I was operating were so different from every other franchise store, or any other photography business for that matter. Only when people started asking how my studios were booked on the hour every hour, 7 days a week, did I start to become aware that my studios were not like every other photography studio.

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Hi, my name is Steve Saporito. I created Steve Saporito Education to help photographers create a business that cares for clients in a way that truly makes a difference to the relationships that clients value. Steve Saporito Education clears the confusion when it comes to what clients actually value and are willing to pay for, which creates the ultimate photographic experience in their eyes.

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