Making a Difference, Part I: What is Steve Saporito Education?

Steve Saporito Education is based upon Steve Saporito’s wealth of photography business knowledge, which he gained over the course of many years. Steve has simultaneously run multiple studios, which generated $100,000/month each. With Steve Saporito education, you will be making a difference very quickly. Your business will improve, as will the lives of your clients!

With Steve Saporito Education, You Will Make a Difference

Steve’s passion is helping photographers improve their clients’ experiences. He provides photographers with the tools that will empower them to inspire their clients. With Steve’s training modules, photographers will be able to help their clients discover themselves, and their loved ones, in new ways. And that translates into clients seeing the very best version of themselves. And the byproduct of that? A very much improved photographic experience that will change them forever.

Today, Steve provides countless training videos via his website. He also runs a monthly membership group of hundreds photographers, complete with unlimited access to his online videos, which cover all of his trainings. With Steve’s trainings, photography business owners will learn how to transform their photography businesses into success stories. Photographers will  literally make a difference in their lives, as well as the lives of their clients.

For Steve, seeing a photographer go from barely making enough to survive to making an average of $2000+ sales, with more clients than they can handle on their own, is the biggest reward he could ever have in life. That’s his passion, and that is what has led him to travel the globe, searching for, and building, a community of photographers whose sole focus is bringing more love and happiness into their clients’ lives. Teaching people how to be rewarded for giving so much value to the world is why Steve does what he does.

The Goal: Improving the Photographic Experience

Steve’s goal is to see every photographer be creative, and be valued, because he knows in his heart that each of you reading this blog are worth your weight in gold. He simply can’t wait to help you discover that! And that, without a doubt, will come as photographers improve the photographic experience they offer to their clients.

So what is “The Photographic Experience”? In brief: there are four essential parts to it. First, there is the planning stage. In this stage, photographers spend ample time creating possibilities for clients to be the best version of themselves, learning what it is about their clients that elevates others. This leads to clients valuing themselves and their relationships more. And that translates into the second part, a more authentic photography session. When the actual photography occurs, it will be very smooth and seamless (because the planning was properly done and the photographer knows what is important to the clients). Next is the premiering of clients’ photographs. Finally, a flawless design consultation will allow the photographer to successfully design custom albums and wall art for their clients. Learn more about premieres and design consultations here.

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Want to Learn More?

So, what’s a great photographer supposed to do to improve the photographic experience of their clients? You’ll be amazed at what a bit of care toward your clients can accomplish! You absolutely need to take the time to get to know them. Beyond that … Well, you need to get learning!

Do you desire to earn a full-time income as a photographer? Check out Steve Saporito Education’s monthly membership here: Monthly Membership. You won’t regret it!

Our goal is to tell the story of our clients through the most rad photographic experience! We’re Amii & Andy, and we own Sunshine & Reign Photography. We’re married with cinco niños (+ a puppy), and, in addition to writing for Steve Saporito Education, we are also the Community Directors over at SLR Lounge, and ambassadors for Tenba and Zeus, the best beard care company out there. Oh! And we love the heck outta each other. Connect with us on Instagram: @sunsineandreign.

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