King & Fields Studios: Making a Difference, Part II

For Steve Saporito, the goal is simple. He seeks to make a difference. Steve’s educational offerings allow photographers to see the opportunity they have been given. Namely, to bring people back to themselves, and to each other, through the power of photography. Now, what’s the best way to see that in action? Let’s take a look at a photography studio that is making difference. King & Fields Studios, a photography studio located in Charleston, South Carolina, is definitely that studio!

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About King & Fields Studios

King & Fields Studios is the result of two world-renowned studios coming together. In 2015, Ben & Erin of Chrisman Studios moved to Charleston to open a photography studio.

Around that time, the Chrismans met Raheel & Maryam of Fia Forever Photography, who had been dreaming about connecting people through unforgettable experiences with their own photography. Together, they imagined a studio that would have relevance and longevity in their community. And a studio that would stand the test of time. They have built a studio that is quickly becoming the essential, must-have portrait experience for Charleston residents. In addition, vacationers who travel to Charleston, and are looking for meaningful family time, find themselves at the doors of King & Fields Studios. They are including a photographic experience as part of their vacation.

Check out these questions/answers from King & Fields Studios! You’ll definitely learn a bit more about what making a difference in the lives of your clients is all about …

1. What are three ways in which the photographic experience that you offer your clients has changed since you started working with Steve?

Erin: Our clients are now getting the best service imaginable! I didn’t know how much more we could be doing for people until we met Steve. He has natural instincts. He has a natural caring heart for how to treat people. Moreover, our clients are getting the opportunity to look more deeply into the love in their lives. That affects the rest of their day, and it affects the rest of their year! I have had clients tell me, after one of our phone calls, that they were on a high the rest of the day.

I love being able to help people see the beauty and blessings in their lives, by simply caring enough to ask questions. Beautiful, glorious feelings and moments on their walls! Right in front of their faces! Overall, his approach has changed our final results with clients, so their photographs are not sitting on discs or hard drives in a drawer, or on a computer with thousands of other files. The photographs are out in the open as wall art, a part of their daily lives. Moreover, the photographs are there to serve as a reminder of how good they really have it.

2. How have you personally benefited from your relationship with Steve?

Raheel: Personally, I have an improved sense of how to take relationships to the next level. And it’s even affected the way in which I see my own family. As well, we’re all able to appreciate one another more. I have a life plan to add sincerity and authenticity to every aspect of my life. It’s an overall new appreciation for life. Finally, I am able to do a better job as a photographer. Our studio is part of putting out to the world who are clients truly are. And they have that on display on the walls of their homes as daily reminders of whom, and what, they love. In turn, there is tremendous value in that for all of us.

3. For a photographer interested in checking out some of Steve’s courses, what course would you recommend?

Ben: In general for photographers, what is most important is getting to know your clients and giving a solid photographic experience. All this information is available in Steve’s monthly subscription, which is the first step in getting connected to the processes that Steve teaches. This is where photographers will gain tools necessary to craft the perfect photographic experience. That said, “Creating an IPS Experience” is just as important. It helps photographers make the connection between what clients value and what they desire to have displayed in their homes.

Want to Learn More about King & Fields Studios, and How Your Photography Business Can Make a Difference?

Do you desire to earn a full-time income as a photographer? Do you want to make a difference in the life of your business by seeing real transformations in the lives of your clients? Check out Steve‘s most recent course, which features King & Fields Studios: here.

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