3 Tips to Book High Quality Photography Clients

So many people ask me, “How do I increase my prices?” And I think what they mean to ask is, “How can I book high quality photography clients?” First off, I can tell you that nothing upsets me more than to think that that all we are focused on is price. The truth of the matter is that in order to be paid more, we absolutely need to increase the value that we give our clients.

So, what do clients value? In brief, they value the understanding that opens up the true potential of what photography as an art form, and as the gift that it is, can offer.

And, to that end, here are my “3 Tips to Book High Quality Photography Client.” In other words, here’s how you can add the value to your photography business that your clients deserve!

1. Create the High Quality Photography Clients You Desire

Yes, that’s right! I said “create” them. Because the reality is that great clients are made, not found. Remember that every time you get a new inquiry. I have quite literally spent the last twenty-five years discovering the intricate elements that create high quality photography clients. You know, the ones your colleagues will tell you “just wasn’t our client,” largely out of lack of knowledge of a any possible way to have created a different result.

Your main focus must be creating a connection. Clients want to know that you see them, both their individuality and their unique story.

2. Help Your Clients Discover the Value in Themselves

When you help connect your clients to the true essence of the loves in their life, you build their trust and their desire in what you can provide for them. You connect them to the true value of photography, because you have connected them to the true value within themselves and their loved ones.

You can discover, like so many of the photographers who I have worked with, that it is not that clients don’t value photography. Rather, it is that they don’t value themselves enough to spend money on something that is designed to showcase who they are. If who they are is something they are not proud of, how can they spend money on something that is all about them?

3. Provide a Quality Photographic Experience

In our industry, there has been little emphasis on how to achieve adding value to clients, from the client’s perspective, and so the result has been that photographers have resorted to devaluing their product by offering too much, too cheaply. This created a culture of price competing, and we all know where that ended up …

Let’s face it, we could all use a reminder of who we really are as we journey though life, as we find ourselves settling in one way or another, forgetting who we are as we try to please others! Providing your clients with an experience that helps them rediscover their authentic self, that results in artwork for them to display on their walls, to allow them to see themselves in that authentic way, and experience themselves as that version of themselves forever, is the greatest gift you can give them.

I can promise you, there are more clients who are looking for that sort of “transformational photographic experience as I call it, and who are looking for artwork, than there are clients looking for a bunch of “digital images.”


There is more to this industry than you have been led to believe. Deep down in your heart you know that you are here to make a difference in this world. And you can absolutely make that difference through your photography.

I would love to show those of you looking for a better way to run your photography business how.

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Hi, my name is Steve Saporito. I created Steve Saporito Education to help photographers create a business that cares for clients in a way that truly makes a difference to the relationships that clients value. Steve Saporito Education clears the confusion when it comes to what clients actually value and are willing to pay for, which creates the ultimate photographic experience in their eyes.

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